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Betting Tips for Major Darts Tournaments

Betting Tips for Major Darts Tournaments


Darts championships have become major events to follow — and bet on. Knowing whom to bet on, where to place bets, and how to make the most effective bets possible is the topic of discussion for many enthusiasts, especially with the Professional Darts Corporation’s (PDC) events right around the corner. 

For darts fans that are looking to get in on the betting action, there are more than a few opportunities to do so — many, many more in fact. The PDC holds many darts competitions each year, including the PDC World Darts Championship, Grand Slam, UK Open, World Grand Prix, World Matchplay, and Premier League Darts. The key is knowing the events that are available for betting and betting types that are available.


Darts Competitions

Grand Slam of Darts 

One of the most popular PDC events is the BoyleSports Grand Slam of Darts, which has been bringing the best of the best together every November since 2007 and is an event closely followed by fans of the sport.

World Darts Championship

The World Darts Championship is another annual event that has darts fans excited. This event is held in England and has been supplying fans and players with the best that the darts world has every December since 1994.

The UK Open

The UK Open hosts more than one hundred and sixty of the best darts players in Minehead, England every year. This darts championship got its start in 2003 and is now being held in March instead of its original month of June.

The World Grand Prix

The World Grand Prix has been held annually in October since its beginning in 1998. This tournament is now being held in Dublin, Ireland, though its original venue was Rochester, Kent. No matter the location though, this event is popular with fans and players alike.

World Masters

Another October darts championship is the World Masters, which is the oldest darts tournament. This annual which began in 1974 is now sponsored by darts One80 and L-Style darts suppliers.


2019 BDO World Masters Winner John O'Shea


Betting Types

Darts Handicap

Darts handicap betting is a form of betting that gives better odds to an otherwise uneven match. In essence, if a player is favoured in a specific leg, then a handicap is added. Meaning that even if this player wins the game, they could still lose the handicap bet. In order for the player to win the match and the handicap bet to be a winner as well, said the player would have to overcome the handicap that was placed on the bet.

Tournament Winner

The Tournament Winner betting category is the most self-explanatory. But it is also the category that requires the most research before placing any bets. In this betting type, enthusiasts will bet on who will win the tournament of choice. Before placing any bets, fans need to research who is in the lead, the strategies and odds on each player, and who is the favoured winner. Once the research is done, all that is left is to find the right bookmaker and place the bet.

Most 180s

The most 180s betting category is where bets are placed on the player that the enthusiast thinks will make the most triple twenty shots during the match. This is the highest score a player can receive in darts, and it is achieved by throwing all three darts into the triple twenty. Bets in this category are some of the most popular placed throughout the sport.


Do Your Homework

While darts enthusiasts are watching matches and making bets on their favourites, one cannot leave it all to chance. To have any success, you’ll need to do your homework. Learning the tricks of the sport and recognising when a player is tired or having an off day will play a large part in the outcome of any bets made. Studying up on all of the tips for betting odds in darts will give even the amateur an advantage when it comes time to picking a favourite and deciding which type of bet to place on whom.





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